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Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe Is About to Save Your Closet and Your Wallet

Amazon's Prime Wardrobe Is About to Save Your Closet and Your Wallet


Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe Is About to Save Your Closet and Your Wallet

You know what the hardest part of shopping online is for me? I never fully know how something is going to fit. Hitting “purchase” requires both a trust in the brand or retailer I’m buying from and an assurance that everything I buy is actually returnable for a full refund. For whatever reason, I’m likely to return at least one thing from any online order. But not anymore. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Amazon has quietly rolled out a brand-new feature for Prime members that takes so much of the hassle out of online shopping. Meet Prime Wardrobe.

The program is centered on the genius concept of “try before you buy.” Basically, you can pick between three and eight items to add to your box, and once you receive your shipment, you have seven days to try on your clothes and decide if you like them. The shipment comes with a prepaid return label, so just send back the clothes you didn’t like. And here’s the kicker: after the seven days, Amazon will only charge you for the items you keep! Now there’s no more waiting for the refund to hit your credit card. Once you’ve returned the clothes you didn’t like, you can curate your next box. It’s that simple.

We’re so excited to start shopping this new feature. It has plenty of chic designers to choose from and carries options for women, men, children, and babies. So now you can shop for your entire family, or just yourself. If you’re a Prime member, you can request access to this feature here. Ahead, we’ve curated some of our favorite pieces that you can buy via Prime Wardrobe, but whatever your style is, it’s got options for you. Happy shopping!

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