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FROM ACHEBE TO UMERIE: Growth of Nigerian Literature

FROM ACHEBE TO UMERIE: Growth of Nigerian Literature


FROM ACHEBE TO UMERIE: Growth of Nigerian Literature

Nigerian Literature has gone through some growth in history, and that growth led to the emergence of writers like Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka whose impact are still felt today. It manifests the struggles of a people in transition from colonial through independence to a democratic nation.

In more recent times, new writers like Chimamanda have emerged to carry the light and lead the way for Nigerian Literature; with their works portraying African struggles, myths and folklore. Unlike the old Nigerian literature, more universal books are out on the market. Modern writers are doing amazing job uniting and putting out books that anyone from any part of the world can enjoy and still understand the message the book is trying to pass. One of those writers is Charles Umerie, the author of Kingdom Tales.

It’s safe to say that Charles Umerie is putting the grease to the wheels of eBook publishing and fantasy fiction in Nigeria with his book, Kingdom Tales. Fantasy Fiction is a genre most Nigerian writers always try to avoid, but Charles Umerie did an amazing job with Kingdom Tales. He also said with his upcoming book, he’s experimenting on new genres and bringing out more ways authors can use their platform to address injustice in the society, educate and entertain.

His upcoming book is based on Mali Empire in the 13th century. That was a time Mali Empire was at its peak, and is in the list of the civilized empires that ever existed.  This new book will definitely help new authors to try out new genres and expand their audience, which would help Nigerian literature.

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